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​Company Profile

We provide a one-stop service, from planning and selling local tours to introducing the highlights of each region, selling sake as souvenirs, export support for sake breweries, and managing an online community to expand the circle of fans.

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Message from CEO

Representative introduction


​ Representative Director Nanako Miyauchi

Born in Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture. JSA Sake Diploma, WSET SAKE Level3, SSI International Sake Instructor. At the University of Tokyo and the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, researched the environmental tolerance mechanism of rice. She became addicted to sake when she was a university student, and in 2018 she became the representative of Miss Sake Ibaraki. After working at Goldman Sachs, established Iris Co., Ltd. in July 2022 to contribute to increasing consumption of Japanese alcoholic beverages through regional tours.

"If this drop of water spreads all over the world..."

I always feel that way when I drink sake. Sake is made from rice and clean water with the help of microorganisms. It has an ancient origin, and it is said that the history of sake began with the introduction of rice farming. Brewing techniques and beautiful surroundings have been passed down, protected and refined for over 1,000 years.

There are more than 1,000 sake breweries in Japan, and the taste of the sake produced is completely different depending on the local climate, history, and brewing policy. Japan is tightly confined in that drop.

We want many people, both domestic and foreign, to visit sake breweries in various regions and feel the breath of history and climate. We would like to help spread the charm of various regions, including the hometown where we were born and raised.

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Japanese culture and climate including Japanese alcoholic beverages

Creating a future that will be passed down to the next generation

People in the production areas of Japanese alcoholic beverages understand the charm of their own regions

Contributing to the creation of a future we can be proud of


Including Japanese alcoholic beverages

Passing on Japanese culture and climate to the next generation

create the future

People in the production areas of Japanese alcoholic beverages

Understand and be proud of the charm of one's own region

Contribute to building the future


Leveraging glocal knowledge

Experiences that lead to improved sales of Japanese alcoholic beverages

We will work on creating sales channels.

Customers, producers of Japanese alcoholic beverages, and production areas

We seek ways to build win-win relationships


​ Company Profile

IRIS inc.

Established July 2022

Founder & CEO Nanako Miyauchi

Office Location 1-2-2-206, Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Business content

- Planning and consulting of tours and events

- Travel business based on the Travel Agency Law

- Wholesale and sales of alcoholic beverages, trading business, consulting business

- Online community management business

- SNS operation and management

- Planning, manufacturing, sales and import/export of various products

- Any business related to the preceding items

Travel Agency License: Registered Travel Agency No. 3, 8323, by the Governor of Tokyo

Liquor Sales License: Export liquor wholesaler license, Online liquor retailer license, General liquor retailer license, and Western liquor wholesaler license

All Nippon Travel Agents Association

Tokyo Travel Agents Association

Banks: Mitsubishi UFJ, Oi Branch, GMO Aozora Net Bank



Adopted as a "Sake Brewery Tourism Subsidy Project" by the National Tax Agency in fiscal 2022.

Sake Brewery Tourism Subsidy Project" adopted as part of the second supplementary budget for fiscal 2022 by the National Tax Agency


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