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Through the story that sake spins
​ Connecting people and regions

Japanese Sake is brewed by reflecting the climate and customs of the land and the skills of the craftsmen. Currently, there are more than 1,000 sake breweries across Japan, and each brews Sake with its own unique character and taste.
​We provide a cultural experience through Sake, and work on domestic sales and exports. In addition, we will operate an online community where fans of sake and Japanese culture from various countries can gather to expand the circle of fans.

​ Through these efforts, we will increase the added value of sake and strive to maintain and develop Sake and Japanese culture.


About IRIS services



Tour planning, operation and sales

We plan and sell tours that allow you to experience the region with all five senses, including Japanese Sake.

​ Please feel free to contact us.


Japanese liquor sales
Overseas export

We sell Japanese alcoholic beverages domestically and internationally.

We also provide export support and sales channel expansion support for sake breweries.


Online Community management

Create a circle of fans by creating a place where sake and Japanese culture fans from various countries can gather and exchange opinions on the same theme.

Tour experience report


Gunma Prefecture/Tone Numata area tour

Visit the Tone-Numata region of Gunma Prefecture, an hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and a further 30 minutes by bus.
The Tone-Numata region is the source of the Tone River, surrounded by 2,000-meter-high mountains including Mt. Tanigawa and Mt. Butaka, and is filled with abundant water.

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